Five services to help you deal with COVID-19 isolation

April 10, 2020
online counselling relaxation

Things are a little different to your usual routine right now. But that doesn’t mean that isolation has to be a trying or anxiety inducing time.

I recommend the following services to complement your online counselling sessions and help with stress management during the COVID-19 restrictions and beyond.

People respond differently to styles of stress relief: some prefer the trophotropic quieter states of practice such as massage and meditation, whilst others prefer the energy expanding ergotropic types. Below, you will find a mixture of both that you might like to experiment with to see which gives you the best results in between (and to support) your online counselling sessions.

1 Breathwork coach

online counselling relaxation

Jessica Noll is a homeschooling (unschooling) mama who can help you destress by teaching you the breathwork technique in the comfort of your own home via online training. She also fully understands the demands and pressures of living and working from home with a house full of children, so she will be a great calming influence and a fabulous coach for you if you have suddenly found yourself living, working and parenting from home all at once!

Jessica Noll Breathwork Coach

2 Personal trainer

online counselling allí
Image credit: Alli Priolo

Alli Priolo, from Aspire to Wellbeing, is a personal trainer in Crafers (and currently accessible online) that has a holistic focus and incorporates Pilates and yoga in her training sessions.

Her approach is person centred and customises plans specifically with you. With a background in yoga, dance and Pilates as well as personal training she is acutely aware of what you need to get you what you want! She is super lovely and absolutely walks her talk.

Aspire to Wellbeing

3 Emotional freedom technique

I have been following and recommending Brad Yates for tapping, also known as EFT, for several years now. He offers a wide range of free videos to tap along to.

I use it in my practice and online counselling sessions regularly but if you are at home and need to manage your stress this is a fantastic tool. Simply find a suitable topic and repeat what he says and tap on the same points that he taps on. Here are a few to get you started:

Dealing with outbreak fear

Dealing with fear and panic

Clearing stress

Boost your immune system

4 High quality meditations

If you want to try meditation from home, then The Honest Guys produce fantastic quality meditations covering a range of different needs. With their signature guided relaxation and visualisation style, you can sit back and relax and let their voices help you drift away…

I highly recommend their resources and think they are worth setting aside some time each day to try.

The Honest Guys meditations

5 Ayurveda

Jaqueline Iles is an Ayurvedic practitioner in Adelaide that is accessible online and offers a range of online courses to help with stress management and self care. For help with your health and wellbeing, Jaqueline offers a range of  techniques, consultations and workshops so you can expand on your own wisdom.

Living Ayurveda with Jaqueline Iles

Please remember that you don’t have to suffer through stress and anxiety alone. I offer online counselling appointments which are just as effective as face to face sessions. Book an appointment now.

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