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After working with couples over the years I believe the couples counselling programme now on offer is the best structure, and quickest way, for those wanting to improve their relationship.

How does the couples counselling programme work?

The programme works by giving you a container of time (1 month) in which to have your own personal counselling sessions each, as well as couples counselling sessions together. This allows you to ‘work on’ what you need to work on – both outside of and during your own personal counselling sessions.

Additionally, you both have the couples counselling twice over this same month where the two of you meet with me and we workshop, practice and troubleshoot communication issues, and relational skills. There is often exercises and practices that I give each of you individually as well as together outside of the sessions. Think of your counselling sessions as the training ground in which you learn the techniques, skills and resources in which to improve your relationship in real life!

Commonly, in couples counselling, each individual will recognise areas in which they would like things to be different. The individual sessions allow you to each get personal insight into this and to speak freely about your concerns, wants and needs. The couples counselling sessions are then a place where you get to practice with each other, with my guidance, how to communicate differently, how to connect and listen, and how to ‘practice’ being in the type of relationship you are wanting.

An example of how the couples counselling programme looks:

Penny’ and ‘James’ will have their intake session with me online via telehealth together (allow 30 – 45 mins for this) to discuss their programme needs and wants and set up their appointments as follows:

Week one – Penny and James each have an in person individual session with me.

Week 2:  James and Penny together – first couples counselling session

Week 3: James and Penny each have their second individual session.

Week 4: James and Penny together – second couples counselling session .

After the completion of the 4 week programme you may like to take some time to implement your new learnings into your lives. Or you can go straight into another 4 week programme if you need or want – we can discuss what is the most suitable option for you both in week 4. Some couples may continue with couples counselling ‘one off’ sessions intermittently or semi-regularly as they need.



Who is the couples counselling programme for?

The programme is for any couple regardless of how long you have been together, heterosexual or same sex couples, whether you are married or de-facto, or any style of relationship (monogamous/open/polyamorous etc).

If you are asking the following questions, or have any of the following concerns the couples counselling programme will be an excellent option for you:

  • “How do I set better boundaries with my partner?”
  • “I feel like I am always the one to compromise, and if I don’t Im afraid I wont have a relationship, how do I change this? “
  • “I want to feel listened to and understood, but I constantly feel ignored or undervalued”
  • “I want my partner to be happy with me but I cant seem to get anything ‘right'”
  • “I really love my partner, but it seems like we keep having the same argument over and over, and it never gets resolved… maybe this means we aren’t right for each other and we should brake up… I’m not sure what to do as we cant go on like this?”
  • “My partner has cheated on me and we don’t know what to do from here, we are in crisis and I’m afraid I’ll never be able to trust again”

What is the commitment and cost for the programme?

This programme works best if completed within a 4 week period, so all sessions are pre booked and planned in advance to facilitate this time container for the therapy. As a commitment to the programme and each other, payment is required upfront and in full at the start of the programme. Within this time frame you will likely have exercises (both individually and together) that you will need to practice – the programme is not just what you do in the sessions with me, but about the training I offer you and taking new skills back into your real life and practicing them!

Fees – $1100 per month (total – or $550 each)


How do I book in for the Couples Counselling Programme?

To secure a place in the couples counselling programme you can book yourself in by clicking the button below and scrolling to the service Couples Counselling Programme


Payment for the complete 4 week programme is due at the time of booking and is done securely through the booking link. When you book and pay for the programme, you will receive a booking for your 30-45 minute intake call at first. This intake session is done via telehealth and you will receive an email after booking with all the details you need to know about this. In your intake call we will book in all of your sessions for the following 4 weeks. It is optimal to complete the programme within 4 weeks. All sessions other than the intake session can be done in person (or via telehealth – your preference).

If you would like more information or if you would like to speak with me prior to committing to the couples programme don’t hesitate to contact me via email on and I will set up some email or phone communication to answer your questions.

Is there anything else I need to know?

This is a commitment to yourself and your relationship. You will likely be required to do practices and exercises outside of the session times, so it is a good idea to go into this with the attitude of immersing yourselves in a ‘programme’ rather than just attending counselling sessions and ticking that box for another week! It is a good idea if you speak openly with each other about the level of commitment required and really asses whether this is what you are both wanting. Couples find that doing the 4 week programme together rather than random appointments ‘when they have time’ or ‘when they can fit it in’, really facilitates the prioritising of the relationship in the way you both deserve.

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What do clients say about Tanya M Wilson

“We have both seen Tanya for individual counselling sessions to carry out work on our individual therapy and growth, whilst simultaneously keeping our relationship goals in mind. We have attended several couples counselling sessions and have found them invaluable to our relationship. We are a same sex couple and could not feel more welcomed by Tanya. Tanya’s approach is very much not clinical, but personable, warm, intuitive and incredibly responsive to the way the session flows, often uncovering and resolving links between individual items that we had not realised were at play, and allowing a commonality to be reached between us on more difficult subjects often discussed in our personal sessions. We have such faith in Tanya’s abilities, that we have recommended Tanya to a number of friends because we believe she can help to improve the wellbeing of those that are struggling with either day-to-day issues or more major life crises or long-term trauma.”

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