Couples Counselling Programme

The programme works by giving you a container of time (1 month) in which to have your own personal counselling sessions each, as well as couples counselling sessions together. This allows you to ‘work on’ what you need to work on – both outside of and during your own personal counselling sessions.

Additionally, you both have the couples counselling twice over this same month where the two of you meet with me and we workshop, practice and troubleshoot communication issues, and relational skills. There is often exercises and practices that I give each of you individually as well as together outside of the sessions. Think of your counselling sessions as the training ground in which you learn the techniques, skills and resources in which to improve your relationship in real life!

Commonly, in couples counselling, each individual will recognise areas in which they would like things to be different. The individual sessions allow you to each get personal insight into this and to speak freely about your concerns, wants and needs. The couples counselling sessions are then a place where you get to practice with each other, with my guidance, how to communicate differently, how to connect and listen, and how to ‘practice’ being in the type of relationship you are wanting.

Who Is The Couples Counselling Programme For?

The programme is for any couple regardless of how long you have been together, heterosexual or same sex couples, whether you are married or de-facto, or any style of relationship (monogamous/open/polyamorous etc).

What Is The Commitment And Cost For The Programme?

This programme works best if completed within a 4 week period, so all sessions are pre booked and planned in advance to facilitate this time container for the therapy. As a commitment to the programme and each other, payment is required upfront and in full at the start of the programme. The couples receive 2 individual sessions and 2 couples counselling sessions over the month, Within this time frame you will likely have exercises (both individually and together) that you will need to practice– the programme is not just what you do in the sessions with me, but about the training I offer you and taking new skills back into your real life and practicing them!

Fees – $1100 per month (total – or $550 each).

This includes 2 Individual sessions each + 2 couples session within a month.