Advantages of online counselling

April 3, 2020
advantages of online counselling

There are many benefits of getting regular counselling, whether you’re experiencing heightened anxiety, relationship troubles or wish to improve areas of your life and wellbeing. Studies have shown that decreased depressive and anxiety symptoms are evident in effective counselling and can be a really helpful way of managing symptoms of mental illness. Longterm counselling can also arm you with a range of coping skills.

But there did you know there are some specific advantages of online counselling that can really add value to your life? Here are three primary benefits.

Staying home

advantages of online counselling australia

The most obvious— and perhaps favourable— benefit is that you don’t have to leave your home. Accessibility and convenience are one of the glaring advantages of online counselling and means you can stay in your pyjamas if you want to. It’s particularly helpful if you live with mobility issues or challenges.

For a lot of people home is their “safe place”. Being in an environment of safety and comfort can actually enhance the counselling process, as it helps reduce your cortisol levels so you are able to think clearer and make the most of your time. Additionally, studies have proven that higher cortisol levels can impact memory levels, so the relief of your home will help you process and remember the new information you learn during your online counselling appointment.

Global reach

Additionally, because online counselling is conducted via the internet using specific platforms such as Zoom, Skype or even the phone it can be accessed anywhere across Australia. Or even globally, time zones permitting.

Reduce anxiety

Having a counselling session can take away any additional anxiety that can come from organising or undertaking transport to and from sessions or arranging childcare, time off work or other lifestyle factors that making accessing counselling sessions difficult. Some of these barriers are eased when it comes to online counselling.

Driving can be a particular concern for some.

‘A 2018 New Zealand study by Joanne Taylor at the school of psychology at Massey University suggested 52 per cent of the population experience mild anxiety when they drive and 16 per cent feel moderate to severe driving anxiety.’

Probably the best thing is that you get all the usual benefits of counselling but the added advantages of online counselling as mentioned above. So, it’s a win win situation.

Are online counselling sessions different?

advantages of online counselling

If you’re new to online counselling but have had a counselling session with me in the past, you can expect a very similar approach to face to face sessions.

Here are a few basic tips to prepare yourself to online counselling:

  • Have a drink ready.
  • Ensure the session is interruption free by telling household members that you require this dedicated time and if they can refrain from interrupting. A quiet room or space in the house is advised, if possible.
  • Download and familiarise yourself with the relevant software well beforehand.
  • If you find it has become unsafe or uncomfortable to have your appointment at home, you can have your session whilst sitting in your favourite park or in your car for example. (Most video calls can be done from your phone or a simple phone call is just as effective).
  • Grab a notebook in case you want to take notes.

You also might like to make the most of the online counselling session by writing down any questions or areas you wish to address beforehand or identifying what your ideal outcome for the session would be.

Online counselling can lead you out of suffering. Book an appointment today.

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