Tanya M Wilson is a qualified and experienced Adelaide counsellor that offers clients a deep well of knowledge and compassion.

Tanya works holistically, with a client centred approach, which facilitates healing and understanding. Her practice is a space that honours your whole being seeing your body, mind and spirit as one integrated system. Having 24 years in the natural health and mental health arenas, Tanya has a wide array of experience and skill to draw on and utilise, whilst keeping your goals and healing a priority.

Tanya is no longer taking bookings for NEW clients, unless you are booking counselling for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery. If you are a new client to this practice you will need to see either Susan or Melissa, who are also client centred, transpersonal therapists. You can find out more, or book with them on their profiles below.


Susan offers holistic counselling, life coaching and hypnotherapy. She is a down to earth, empathetic, intuitive, approachable woman with 10 years formal experience and an abundance of life experience! She is dedicated to a purpose of assisting people out of feeling lost and insignificant to empowered and having direction. Susan’s mission is to assist you in letting go of anything that holds you back, to become the best version of you and fully enjoy this ride that is your life!

Susan’s specialties are discovering and releasing unhealthy relationship patterns, self doubt, anxiety, co-dependency, Inner child healing and mother/daughter issues. she provides a safe supportive space to explore what is driving/triggering anxiety, low self confidence and difficult relationships. She is passionate about helping clients to believe in themselves and experience healthy relationships with themselves and others.


Melissa specialises in trauma recovery and inner child healing. She is deeply passionate about helping individuals process and overcome issues such as anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, co-dependency, addictive behaviours, and dysfunctional patterns. 


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