Tanya M Wilson is a qualified and experienced Adelaide counsellor that offers clients a deep well of knowledge and compassion.

Tanya works holistically, with a client centred approach, which facilitates healing and understanding. Her practice is a space that honours your whole being seeing your body, mind and spirit as one integrated system. Having 24 years in the natural health and mental health arenas, Tanya has a wide array of experience and skill to draw on and utilise, whilst keeping your goals and healing a priority.

‘Witnessing people find peace within themselves, even when they have believed that it was never possible, is humbling and heart expanding,’ Tanya says.


Working with Tanya is unique in that she offers unparalleled trustworthiness and a non judgemental perspective coupled with genuine warmth that paves the way for profound healing and change. Tanya is the utmost professional and empathic counsellor you’re likely to experience. She values confidentiality, discreteness and genuine understanding.

As every person is different, so too will each counselling session. It will be tailored to your goals and situation and you will be led by experienced and capable hands.

Every minute of your session, Tanya will be present and attentive and provide both practical and emotional solutions that will make a difference; faster and more powerful than you believe possible.

With a range of learned techniques and methods, Tanya knows exactly how to assist you to a place of problem solving, peace and inner strength.

Leading people out of their suffering is what shapes and underpins Tanya’s business, services and life. Step out of the suffering now.


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