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January 2, 2019
self care book

It’s undeniable that I’m passionate about self care. But not self care as you may know it. I’m determined to inform the world about the “new self care” that we have been neglecting and one which truly makes a deep, long lasting difference in someone’s life. 

During 2018, I was quietly working away to create my ebook, The New Self Care and it’s with great excitement that I am releasing it today.

I truly feel that this book and concept which infiltrate and change the lives of many, particularly women, who have needed this transformation and dedication to the self for years. 

The broader effect of self caring individuals will see more harmony, confidence and strength filter through the community and society and it’s something I’m very much looking forward to.

Because you’ve been a longtime subscriber or supporter of mine, I’m offering this ebook to you for free and I genuinely wish you the best lessons in self care that this universe has to offer. 

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new self care book

About The New Self Care book

One of the most potent ways to counteract the consequences of stress and living in this modern world that comprises of many pressures and expectations is with profound, genuine self care.

But not the self care you may be used: massages, aromatherapy and naps, etc. Self care is not solely about these acts. In fact, it is not really about any action at all. But rather, it is an attitude, a state of being and a choice for self that begins in a deeper place than that of our external world. 

‘Thanks so much for the self care book Tanya. It is EXCELLENT. It must have had an immediate impact as I found myself happily doing my massive pile of dishes straight after the self-care audit and before I got to the awareness part. Congratulations and what a great gift,’JM.

The main thing that I want you to take away from this self care book is that you absolutely need to stop adding to your “to do” list by thinking you should do something for yourself in the form of self care. Stop feeling guilty about not having more time for yourself or time for self care activities. 

Get ready for a new way of being with The New Self Care.

Please encourage your friends, family members, colleagues and anyone else you think may benefit from this ebook, to sign up here to receive their copy.

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