“Turn your life around with this new, heartfelt concept that puts you first.”

What do clients say about Tanya M Wilson

“Tanya gets it! I was in a cohesive controlling relationship for ten years. I felt shattered, unheard & unsure of even my own thoughts; even though I had been to several Psychologists. Then I found Tanya. Tanya guided me towards clarity, understanding, & strength towards healing & finding my voice.

I love her solution-based therapy. I highly recommend her; you will be in safe hands.”

(Counselling Client)

“We are a same sex couple and could not feel more welcomed by Tanya. Tanya’s approach is very much not clinical, but personable, warm, intuitive and incredibly responsive to the way the session flows, often uncovering and resolving links between individual items that we had not realized were at play… we have such faith in Tanya’s abilities, that we have recommended Tanya to a number of friends because we believe she can help to improve the wellbeing of those that are struggling with either day-to-day issues or more major life crises or long-term trauma.”

(Couples Counselling Client)

“Not many therapists understand or know how to help victims of Narcissistic abuse, unless they have personally experienced it. Tanya has been open and honest enough to share some of her own experiences, so we know she gets us. When Tanya mentioned the idea of weekly group meetings, I was more than happy to join in and have not missed one yet… I would encourage anyone to join who is not sure of what is happening with their partner, or does but needs support to either leave or stay.”

(Support Group Participant)


Tanya M Wilson is a qualified and experienced Adelaide counsellor that offers clients a deep well of knowledge and compassion with her specialist area in narcissistic abuse recovery counselling. Tanya’s practice also hosts a team of psychotherapists who all work holistically, with a client centered approach in a variety of specialties.




A weekly online group meeting, as well as support and mentoring with Tanya. This will be invaluable to anyone experiencing or coming out of narcissistic abuse.

Free yourself from the cycles of narcissistic abuse with this therapeutic program solution offering hope and healing from unhealthy relationships.

Opportunities of reconnection, ritual and reminders of what is truly important in life. Whether you need to find some moments of peace and stillness, or to help you create meaningful ritual, you will find it here…

Practical and emotional solutions for your relationship, can be found in the couples counselling programme. It makes a difference; faster and more powerful than you believe possible.

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