what is counselling

What is counselling?

Every wondered what is counselling? Counselling offers healing and understanding. It is a forum to speak about problems. And issues, traumatic events, past or present topics that are affecting day to day life. Counselling can be used to navigate current difficulties. Such as a relationship break up, anxiety, depression or work/career disputes) or to gain healing and/or understanding around past events (like childhood trauma, family separation, loss of a loved one).

It helps you to define:

  1. where you are
  2. where you want to be/prefer to be
  3. and how to get from a to b.

Who should seek out counselling? 

People can experience extraordinarily painful circumstances or witness loved ones go through pain or trauma.

Anyone who is having emotional, mental, physical or spiritual symptoms or challenges that are impinging on their daily life. Anyone who is not coping with life or a life event and wants to understand and heal from a specific life occurrence.

Furthermore counselling is an ideal service for grief, loss, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, fear, phobias, recovery from abuse, trauma and addiction. 

People can experience extraordinarily painful circumstances or witness loved ones go through pain or trauma. A study in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry revealed that ‘fifty seven per cent of the population reported lifetime experience of the specified trauma.’

Undoubtedly, counselling can be completely life changing for a great deal of people. That is to say, it can heal past hurts and free you from the burdens and limitations of grief, trauma and injustice. And help you identify a way to live with your own life story in harmony and peace. Not only does it bring relief from suffering but counselling takes people from stress and disease to growth and thriving.

The counselling process

What’s more, it isn’t uncommon for— and I have been privy to— seeing people completely recover from life threatening or severely debilitating illnesses or conditions. All through the potent process of counselling. Sometimes this is in conjunction with other modalities. And sometimes counselling is the only service the individual has accessed outside of themselves. These scenarios really cement for me the absolute body and mind connection. And as I always say, time doesn’t heal all wounds, healing does. 

Even when people have felt completely broken and against many odds, they have proven to me time and time again that a harmonious and ultimate resolution can be achieved with the assistance of counselling.

If any of this has spoken to you, please book a counselling appointment.

About Tanya M Wilson

Tanya M Wilson is a sought after counsellor and psychotherapist based in Adelaide, South Australia.
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