What is coaching?

May 20, 2019
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So, what is coaching?
Coaching is a way for an individual to access guidance, support and mentorship that is tailored and totally unique to their needs and wants for their life. Just like an athlete has a coach for their chosen sport/area that is employed to help them be their personal best and ‘win the game’, a life coach does exactly the same for someone’s life, relationship, career, business… or all!

It is a little different from counselling as it is about what you are doing and how you are being once you have reached a certain point.

Coaching can be life changing in that people who undertake a series of coaching sessions learn how to achieve their goals in a practical, “real world” approach. They do things that previously were only dreams, ideas or ponderings. Once someone has achieved these types of things, they begin to understand their own power and they begin to feel empowered in their own life. Once an individual has been through this, and understands empowerment on an experiential level, life is never, ever the same.

There are always new levels of personal autonomy and empowerment that an individual can experience, so there are usually many layers to discover. But essentially, coaching exposes people to their personal power and it puts them back in the driver’s seat of their own lives.

‘It is about expanding and stretching yourself beyond the ordinary and refine and build excellence.’

If counselling was all the preparation, training and education to climb Mount Everest then coaching would be the tools to reach the summit. And have you asking, ‘what’s next?’ once you are at the top.

Who should seek out coaching?

Those who want action toward their goals and desire a clear fine tuning and level of excellence. Coaching is ideal for someone who is ready to start up their own business and wants to achieve great success. Or someone who wants to land a new job. But their lack of self esteem or self confidence is blocking them.

In my practice, I specialise in small business coaching for those in (or going into) private practice. I am also a life coach. And it is common for these specific and general areas of expertise to crossover whilst coaching a client.

Witnessing people find peace within themselves, even when they have believed that it was never possible, is humbling. And heart expanding! Even reflecting on these journeys and triumphs of the human spirit still elicits powerful emotion within me.

Similarly, in the years that I have been coaching, I have observed people manifest, almost magically, something they have been dreaming of and wishing for. Such as a monetary figure, a specific new project or starting a business or even an opportunity that has seemed too far out of their reach. Admittedly, most of the positive results and transformations with coaching clients involve money (both saving and earning). And all contributing to their ultimate goal. Even more than they thought possible when they have entered the coaching journey!

Discover how your life can change. Book a coaching appointment now.

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