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June 12, 2018
adelaide counsellor
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We’ve looked at how people can completely transform their lives with counselling and other wellbeing techniques.

My counselling services bring relief from suffering and are powerful in life changing ways. I genuinely believe the majority of my mission on earth is to help ease the suffering of others. If I can help others find a path to their own wholeness or reconnect to their inner selves and perhaps something beyond the self then I feel I’m completely doing what I am meant to be doing.

Leading people out of their suffering is what shapes and underpins my business, services and life.

Counselling enables people to live a life that they want. Rather than a life that they have been programmed or taught to live. With the absence of counselling, or even coaching, someone might be missing out on the true present moment. Plus the ability to be present in each moment as they arrive. Additionally, having that encouragement to be awake and aware. And enjoying a life they have purposefully designed rather than one that just happens to them.

And finally, I wanted to put your mind at ease if you’re new to my counselling services. Because often our fear can hold us back from the very things that can liberate us.

Feeling nervous?

It is very natural to feel nervous or fearful about trying counselling. These modalities, by nature, require you to be vulnerable. And often more open and honest than you can be in any other situation.

In fact, feeling nervous, apprehensive or fearful is actually a good sign. As it means you are tapping into what it will mean to take this step. It means you are taking this step seriously. Furthermore a part of you already knows that you are going to be in a space of vulnerability. However, as a counsellor, I hold the space sacred and you will be in a safe and “held” environment. Where that vulnerability will be treated very gently and with great respect.

Most worthwhile ventures often contain an element of discomfort as they stretch us beyond our current reality and encourage us to a new, brighter state of being.

adelaide counselling

In fact, feeling nervous, apprehensive or fearful is actually a good sign.

In a world that is more fast paced than ever, a counselling session encourages you to stop completely. The time spent is set aside specifically and wholly for you. Which can be intimidating if you’re not used to that.

If any of this has spoken to you or you have further questions, please book a counselling appointment now.

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