A year of Adelaide counselling – a reflection

December 20, 2018
adelaide counsellor

What a year of counselling!

It’s with disbelief that I realise that it’s “that time of the year again” and that the year has seemingly flown by. I wonder what it is about the modern human mind that we find it difficult to grapple with the swiftness of time?

It seems like the perfect time to reflect on the year that has been and importantly solidify the major concepts and lessons that the Universe has brought me over the past twelve months. Here are three of the most prominent that I am grateful to share with you. 

Mind wandering
Mind wandering is an important part of relaxation. To give ourselves the time and space to simply let our mind drift, with no specific result in mind is a really important practice. It helps our brain to recalibrate and reset. 

If your employed life involves a high amount of concentration, studies show that 90 minutes of highly focused concentration is best followed by at least five mins of mind wandering. 

I’ve been consciously allowing myself to mind wander (or daydream), rather than it being something I stop myself from doing, which is an easy trap to get into as we feel we have to be more productive, focused and efficient. 

This practice alone has significantly reduced my brain fog. And has helped me to feel better about myself. My inner dialogue sounds a little more like… ‘now, let’s stop and take some time to daydream’ rather than ‘oh no, I’m daydreaming. I’d better get back to work.’

Being more organised
In our busy, fast paced world, one of the most effective things I have found to help still the mind and bring a sense of peace is upgrading my organisation skills. Being organised means being productive. It’s important to note that this does not mean being busy. Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is actually rest.

Having a good system in place as your “external brain” means your own brain doesn’t have to be constantly alert and hypervigilant for the next thing. Which can lead to burnout and more stress.

Adelaide counselling

This is something I seem to learn a new layer of every year. This year has seen an endless amount of clutter clearing. Although I live very simply, I still seem to have more to clear each time I look! And refining, paring back and getting clear on what I want in my life is a bit of a never ending journey.

This is definitely symbolised by the items in my home. This year I have done Project 333™ which means my wardrobe has been reduced to thirty three items and these can change every three months seasonally. And I have also been working away, behind the scenes to digitise as much as I can personally and professionally; a paper free life is what I am aiming for! Less paper and fewer clothes means fewer decisions and this has certainly eased daily pressures and decision making. I’ve noticed this has increased my sense of peace and calm. Because with fewer decisions comes more clarity and far more relaxation.

If you are yearning for a better year next year and want to learn some techniques to improve your life, book a counselling session with me today. 

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