The benefits of grief counselling

September 26, 2019
adelaide grief counselling

adelaide grief counselling

With 158 493 deaths in Australia during 2018, grieving is a very normal emotional response to a common life experience. Everyone grieves differently in their own way and in their own unique timeframe (which is sometimes not linear).

‘Grief is a natural response you experience when you lose someone close to you. Grieving is a normal part of life and there is no right way to grieve — everyone is different,’ Headspace.

However, more often than not there are emotions (such as guilt, anxiety, anger etc) behaviours and even mental illness that we can get trapped in that are really diminishing our quality of life. It’s important to seek grief counselling to help you course correct.

Grieving doesn’t have to be an individual thing that is done alone. Seeking grief counselling can be one of the most life changing things you can do, to turn around the pain of your experience.

The following three benefits of grief counselling are based on my decades of experience in the industry and genuine results which I’ve guided past clients towards.

Benefit of grief counselling #1

This kind of counselling really helps individuals move from a post traumatic stress trajectory or PTSD itself, to post traumatic growth. Post traumatic growth can encompass a range of positive traits and experiences, defined as:

  1. ‘feeling stronger and finding hidden abilities and strengths; this changes the persons self concept and gives them confidence to face new challenges, e.g. If I can survive this I can survive anything;
  2. good relationships are strengthened, which is reflected in how people often speak of “finding out who their true friends are” after they have experienced a trauma; and,
  3. priorities and philosophies concerning the present day and other people are altered, e.g. living for the moment and prioritising your loved ones (Haidt, 2006 and Joseph & Linley, 2005),’ Positive Pyschology UK.

Benefit of grief counselling #2

grief counselling

It enhances the understanding that it is NOT time that heals all things but, rather, it is healing that heals. It engages and empowers individuals because they are employing their own healing capacity, rather than being a victim to time.

Benefit of grief counselling #3

It gifts us with a true understanding of grief and its natural order. Taking individuals from grief as an unfair and devastating experience to grief as part of the human experience can be quite powerful and illuminating.

Because of my Buddhist practice and training and holistic approach, I am a strong advocate for death as a human experience. And spiritual and religious practices are incredibly helpful when dealing with grief. I have an open mind about exploring concepts post death, communication with loved ones after they have passed away and reincarnation. These conversations and concepts are always driven by clients and their own beliefs and framework is prioritised as a way of encouraging their own healing. I am respectful and careful to understand the client’s world before broaching these topics and will always work with, and in respect to, the client’s beliefs. For example, I won’t be pushing Buddhist principles onto someone who is of a Christian faith.

grief counselling adelaide

You might be hesitant to approach grief counselling for whatever reason. You might even feel like too much time has passed since your loved one passed away for it to be beneficial. But I encourage you to think differently. Even having the opportunity to share with someone else can be instrumental in your change and growth.

I’m here to guide you through an emotional time. Book your grief counselling today.

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