How to stop procrastinating – showing up

May 15, 2018
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Why you need to show up

how to stop procrastinating

Working. Changing. Healing. Projects. Success.

All of these require work. But did you know that showing up is 80 per cent of the work? And possibly how to stop procrastinating.

There are times when we are reluctant to do the “thing” we need to do. It might look like cancelling an appointment, not completing an important task or giving your time away when you needed that time for yourself or your business.

Rather than waiting for conditions to be perfect and wanting to control the outcomes, just do the thing, go to the place, be in the space… show up. Don’t wait for the right mood, the right day, the right people or to be present. Follow through with your plans, schedules and tasks towards your goal. And get on with it!

I’m sure you’re familiar with that poignant saying from Carl Jung, what you resists, persists,’so there’s no point procrastinating because it’s not going to go away.

When you are resistant to showing up, it’s important and valuable to ask yourself why.

Stop procrastinating reflection

  • What does this mean for me if I don’t follow through?
  • Why would I rather be doing something else?
  • What does it mean for me if I do show up?
  • Is this action I’m trying to take aligned with my values?
  • Do I actually need some time out/rest?
  • Is there someone else that could be doing this? 
  • Is there a bigger priority here?
  • What better aligned action can I do instead?
  • What are my values?
how to stop procrastinating and start showing up

This is an important reflection opportunity on how to stop procrastinating. We can learn a lot about ourselves and how to troubleshoot our lives and meet important goals by gaining clarity through this short process.

So, set yourself and work in motion but taking the first meaningful step of showing up.

Show up for yourself by downloading a copy of my self care book for free.

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