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October 11, 2019
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How to make your own support team in times of stress and overwhelm

Fourteen per cent of people in a global survey said they felt chronically overwhelmed. And just under five million Australians are feeling the effects of stress.

How we react and handle things in times of overwhelm and stress can actually come down to our psychological hardwiring. But there are also other factors at play— comparing ourselves to others, advancing communication channels, additional pressures and expectations, our attitudes and life circumstances.

My experience shows me that clients who deal with their stress and overwhelm with practical techniques and counselling services, combined with the following helpful support team, can always set themselves on a pathway to fulfilling wellbeing and health.

adelaide counselling services

A positive support team can be more than just your immediate family or spouse. It can be made up of a range of people and organisations to help you really achieve the wellbeing you desire. This kind of support team can help you get through your day to day overwhelm as well as support you through leaving or healing from an abusive relationship.

It’s really important as humans that we feel genuinely safe, particularly during a time when our parasympathetic nervous system is activated, which it is during times of emotional, mental and physical stress. Stress can alter the way the brain works (and even the size of the brain!) so we may not be thinking as clearly as we would like to during times of stress and overwhelm. Having a handy list will help your brain refocus and remember those things that are important to your wellbeing.

Here are my suggestions of who and what to incorporate in your support team. I recommend starting by writing it all down, so that the moment you start to feel that stress creep in you can review it and pick all or a few items from the list.

  1. People

Importantly, it’s time to recognise the people in your life that will help you and that you can trust. Remembering that different people can offer different help in your life. Perhaps your sister is the person you can vent to, whilst your friend is great for helping you move furniture.

Talking about your problems with a trusted confidant can help you gain a much clearer perspective, which is especially helpful when you need to make decisions.

‘Just know that you can minimize your problems by discussing them with those you trust. Give your pain a voice, and let someone listen. You will be amazed at how much weight will be lifted off your shoulders.’

counselling services

Consider connecting with pets as well, which can make us feel grounded and safe.

‘Connectedness with other mammals, other humans, and even our pet dogs and cats, is really, in a very pragmatic way, our purpose in life,’ Psychology Today reports.

  1. Organisations

Reputable organisations and official groups that you can go to for help (such as Lifeline or 1800Respect or try this list of helplines) are super crucial for your healing journey. Don’t bypass this step if you’re currently in or emerging from an abusive relationship. This might be a daunting step but seeking the help of trained professionals, particularly if you are in immediate danger, could save your life.

  1. Places

Write down a list of places that you truly feel safe and nourished in, such as your favourite park or nature walk. Don’t forget your favourite room in your house or local library or perhaps you feel quite at ease at a friend’s place. Each type of place might be required for different stages of the stress you’re experiencing.

  1. Activities

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Often in times of distress or stress, we can forget about the things that bring us joy and contentment in our life. So, make a list of the activities that you enjoy. Consider activities that are for your body, mind and for your soul and include a mix of movement and rest.

  1. Books/authors/speakers

Jot down all those people that bring you solace when you read their words, listen to their YouTube channels, podcasts or audiobooks.


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  1. Spiritual support

Collate your spiritual support, such as your religious or spiritual beliefs, your God, a particular angel or angelic support, or it may even be a deceased loved one that you feel gives you strength, even from the other side.As someone who sees the positive benefit of having a strong spiritual, religious or inner belief framework time and time again when it comes to recovery in clients, this is another important factor in your support team.

  1. Counselling services

Professional counselling services can be a life changer in times of stress. Even if you utilise all other aspects on this list/support team, seeing a trained professional that has your back and can introduce you to new techniques, as well as encourage you to engage with things on this list, will genuinely make a difference.

This list becomes like your lifeline of support. You can turn to anything on this list whenever you are in need. Keep it in your wallet or handbag, so that in times of distress or overwhelm you can simply look at your support list and choose one (or more) support at that moment.

Calm the stress and overwhelm in your life, once and for all, with effective counselling services in Adelaide. I look forward to helping you.

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