The importance of the aha moment

January 30, 2019
Adelaide counselling

You might also know the aha moment as an epiphany. There are other similar terms that you may have also heard for a similar concept: leaps of thought, the Eureka moment, conscious insight and snap resolutions of the divided self. Or, more subtly it might show up as a recurring thought or feeling. It might appear as noticing an outdated or limiting belief that had previously run quietly in the background. But now with a newfound awareness, you start to question it. It could present as self enquiry with questions such as: 

  • Do I have any proof that this belief is real? 
  • Does this belief still serve me as the adult I am today? 
  • Can I choose to hold onto or discard this belief or thought or behaviour now?
aha moment

The aha moment can often arrive suddenly and can comprise all or one of the following attributes:

‘… First, the Aha! moment appears suddenly; second, the solution to a problem can be processed smoothly, or fluently; third, the Aha! moment elicits positive affect; fourth, a person experiencing the Aha!moment is convinced that a solution is true,’ Wikipedia.

By undertaking specific awareness practices (which you can find in my The New Self Care book) , you are positioning yourself to be open to that aha moment. All this juicy insight can only occur once we consciously engage in a designated awareness practice. And with this profound insight, comes deep long lastingchange. With an awareness practice, you’re being open to and allowing that aha moment to surface on its own.

For me, an awareness practice is something that feels natural. And although it can take a little effort and concentration, it’s not painful or difficult. 

Although I am often referring to aha moments in terms of self care it would be remiss of me not to mention the incredible feats that they have birthed. 

Psychologist, William James, described them as pockets of clarity and snap resolutions of the divided self.

‘It’s as if a whole lifetime’s worth of growth is compressed into a single instant as dense as a collapsed star.’

But further than insightful wisdom to help with your self care or personal development, they can also be a creative source. Where you might discover a brilliant business idea, a story to write or an answer to an engineering query.

Furthermore, these aha moments are often the only way to solve truly complex problems that are too big for our conscious mind to process.

I’m bursting with joy to let you know that I’ve released an ebook on the new way of self care which delves further into cultivating awareness practices and more. Grab your copy for FREE by signing up.

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