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chronic burnout

Treating burnout – tips and techniques

Burnout is becoming a significant health problem in Australia. ‘The World Health Organization upgraded its assessment of the threat posed by burnout. The condition, says the WHO, is a “syndrome” involving a range of symptoms related to chronic stress.’ After working in an industry helping many others overcome their own journey of burnout and with my own …

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Setting boundaries to combat holiday season stress

Are you already starting to feel the tension and stress of this busy time of year? The holiday season is a time when we traditionally gather with family and friends through formal and informal gatherings.  Given the settings (close proximity with people you don’t see often, alcohol, feeling frazzled) it can often lead to tense …

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Nothing is what it seems – being authentic

We are continually bombarded with images and snapshots of the “finished product” of someone’s life. Espeically via Instagram, Facebook and online and traditional media. Whether it be a perfectly poised selfie, a precise interior design layout or a strategically constructed shot of someone’s meal. How do we know if someone is being authentic? What we don’t …

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