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What is transpersonal counselling method

What is transpersonal counselling?

What is transpersonal counselling? You might have wondered what is transpersonal counselling? Transpersonal counselling sprung from the important work of psychologist, Abraham Maslow, in the 1960s and and was pioneered and developed by psychologists and philosophers such as Roberto Assagioli, Ken Wilber and Stanislav Grof. It’s rooted in quite humanistic philosophy and welcomes and concentrates …

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Psychology and psychotherapy – what’s the difference?

The difference between psychology and psychotherapy can be a little confusing. Perhaps partly because the two words— psychotherapy/psychology look so similar. And they are also quite similar professions with some crossover counselling involved. However, there are a few differences. As a client, you may have quite different experiences with each. It’s great to be informed …

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Out of the suffering with Adelaide counselling

We’ve looked at how people can completely transform their lives with counselling and other wellbeing techniques. My counselling services bring relief from suffering and are powerful in life changing ways. I genuinely believe the majority of my mission on earth is to help ease the suffering of others. If I can help others find a …

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What is counselling?

Every wondered what is counselling? Counselling offers healing and understanding. It is a forum to speak about problems. And issues, traumatic events, past or present topics that are affecting day to day life. Counselling can be used to navigate current difficulties. Such as a relationship break up, anxiety, depression or work/career disputes) or to gain …

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