Smoking is an addiction we have been convinced is hard to stop! This program will show you it’s not only easy to stop but a rewarding and empowering journey.

Together we uncover the underlying emotions, beliefs, and thoughts you have attached to smoking to prepare you to be a happy non-smoker for life!


Smoke Free in 6 Weeks –  coaching and hypnosis programme with Susan Lister Holistic Counsellor and Coach

From Susan:

Have you tried to stop smoking but nothing has worked before? I know I had. As a smoker for 25 years, I had tried every single modality that was available including therapy, medication, hypnosis and patches. Nothing worked on its own.When I finally stopped smoking, I experienced an overwhelming sense of freedom and wellness. By becoming smoke free I experienced benefits I hadn’t even considered before. I gained more self-confidence, had more energy, clarity of mind, smelt better and became more relaxed and centred. I found the secret to stop smoking is support and dealing with the underlying emotions, thoughts and beliefs attached to smoking using a combination of modalities. As such, I’ve taken the best of every stop smoking technique and packaged it together to be Smoke Free in 6 Weeks.

Over the 6 weeks we get to the bottom of your smoking addiction. We work on the beliefs you might hold around why you smoke, why you think you can’t stop smoking, and your thoughts and fears attached to smoking.

Together we pick a date that you will stop smoking, during this session we will use a combination of techniques, including a powerful hypnosis methodology – and you will be smoke free from that day! How good would that feel?!?

To ensure you stay smoke free and empowered on your journey, I teach you meditation and mindfulness techniques that you can continue to use after the 6-week program.Becoming smoke free is one of the best things I have done for myself. You too can experience this sense of freedom and wellness in all areas of your life by becoming smoke free. Book an info call today and start your journey to be smoke free in 6 weeks.


Program info:

Here’s What We’ll Work On Together…

  • Create a Success Vision – We’ll start by creating the new non- smoker YOU, so you can, right from the beginning visualise achieving your goal.
  • Next, we’ll work on your ‘Inner Game’ to build your confidence and we will utilise a couple of techniques to remove unconscious smoking or success blocks. We will unpack things like “what are my fears around stopping smoking?” and discover what we need to work on to release the attachment to smoking.
  • We will talk about stress and anxiety, what you can do if you feel moody, frustrated and on edge. We will go through different techniques that work with the smoking moody moods.
  • We will work on Commitment and Resilience… What about those times ??? ie social drink, certain friends catch up etc
  • Plan Forward: Health and fitness goals, by now you’ll be feeling motivated and clear. We will work on implementing a Wellness plan specifically for your lifestyle
  • We will be utilising hypnosis sessions throughout our 6 weeks together and on stop smoking week to promote and lock in your new life as a smoke free, healthy HUMAN who now realises they are free of any attachments to smoking.
  • Throughout the 6 weeks you will have my support via messaging and phone calls if needed in between your weekly appointments.
  • You will choose your stop smoking appointment around week 4 or 5. We will still have at least one appointment after that to catch up, celebrate your success and create your Wellness goal.


  • 6 X Weekly personalised, in person/online 1 hourly Coaching/hypnosis sessions with Susan We will work with your beliefs and unconscious mind to free you from the habit of smoking
  • An individual personalised Hypnosis recording for a daily commitment to being a non-smoker.
  • Learn about Mindfulness and Meditation- how to utilise for powerful stress management and relaxation. These are perfect tools to use while giving up the smokes.
  • Email and text support for 6 weeks with Susan – any questions or clarification can be answered privately


This programme is usually $1500 (+GST) But for the month of July 2021 this one of a kind programme is available at the discounted price of $1000 (+ GST). There are limited spaces for July due to our special, so get in quick if you want to take advantage of this month’s $500 discount. You have the option to pay for this in full and up front or via a payment plan.

If so, all you need to do is click here to book yourself in for your first appointment. Once your booking is made in our system, we will be in contact to finalise your commitment to yourself and your new smoke free life !

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