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In her supportive therapeutic space, Tanya brings back hope, reduces pain (emotional, physical or spiritual pain) and enhances life flow for an individual.

Tanya is an empathic and experienced counsellor that will help you uncover new ways to overcome your issues using traditional and transpersonal techniques.

Tanya works with both individuals and couples and specialises in narcissistic abuse recovery. 


Who are counselling services for?

Ultimately, everybody. But more specifically, Tanya sees the following type of people come through the door:

The majority of the current and previous clients come to counselling because of recent past or current relationship trauma. They may be making a significant decision about their relationship. Or they have a feeling that something is ’wrong’ or toxic, and are looking for skills to help them cope with a toxic relationship, or to help them recover from one.

Often clients are experiencing trauma symptoms such as tiredness, fatigue, weight gain or loss, brain fog, OCD, anxiety, depression, lack of motivation,
gut health problems, memory loss and sleep problems
Usually, they are incredibly driven, overworked, overwhelmed and you could say, stuck. It’s no surprise they are constantly exhausted but have a deep desire to invest more time and energy in themselves and their career but feel held back by their stresses and responsibilities.

Often our clients hear themselves saying:
“How can I move forward in a healthy way?”
“Life is meant to be better than this isn’t it?”
“Why haven’t I learnt this yet?”
“How can I fix this?”
“What is my part in all of this”

“What is this about, or what can I learn from this experience”


Tanya covers the following areas of expertise:

  • relationship trauma (breakups, narcissistic abuse, infidelity)
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • chronic health conditions
  • family and parenting issues
  • self esteem problems
  • physical, emotional, spiritual or financial pain
  • emotional resilience and wellness.

Within each counselling session, your therapist may use a variety of proven types of therapy and techniques to enrich the counselling process.

Types of counselling therapy include:

  • compassion focussed
  • integrative
  • person centred
  • strengths based
  • transpersonal
  • holistic
  • couples and relationship counselling.

Counselling techniques can include:

  • emotional freedom technique (EFT)
  • meditation
  • mindfulness
  • dreamwork
  • personal myth and story work
  • altered state processes (hypnosis/hypnotherapy).

This Adelaide counselling practice is a space that honours your whole being, body mind and spirit as one integrated system and we are committed to your wellbeing and wellness.


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