Introducing Susan Lister

Susan offers holistic counselling, life coaching and hypnotherapy. She is a down to earth, empathetic, intuitive, approachable woman with 10 years formal experience and an abundance of life experience! She is dedicated to a purpose of assisting people out of feeling lost and insignificant to empowered and having direction. Susan’s mission is to assist you in letting go of anything that holds you back, to become the best version of you and fully enjoy this ride that is your life!

Susan’s specialities are working with clients to address co-dependency, anxiety, low self esteem and Mother/Father/Daughter issues. She also has a special interest in smoking addiction, wellness and career coaching. Susan also facilitates the stop smoking coaching and hypnosis programme here at Parkside.

Holistic Counselling can encompass a combination of:


What clients have to say about working with Susan:

2020 was really a very difficult year in all aspects. Some of the things that we went through in that year really impacted my mental health and focus. Luckily, I met Susan and we worked together for the second half of the year.  My biggest achievement within our sessions was that I believe I gradually started to see things clearly and prioritise my life and problems properly, I am more confident that I can handle them effectively. I believe Susan’s superpowers are empathy: compassion and dedication. Our Counselling theme song would be: Empowering . Three words to describe our time together: empowering, rewarding, eye-opening

…The support, understanding, love and guidance I received from Susan, words really cant express my gratitude.
Susan is a caring and passionate soul and pours all her heart into everything she delivers. I feel very blessed to have Susan on this crazy beautiful journey of mine… she really has opened up my eyes, and my heart and helped me believe in ME. I know I’ve a long way to go, but today was a huge achievement. I’ve Got This!!! Thank you Susan


Susan’s philosophy and the journey she offers you:

When you decide to face your pain instead of experiencing it repeatedly, recognise patterns, reframe the way you feel and see what’s happened in your past, tell yourself a different story, heal old wounds, only then can you be free to expand and flourish in to the best version of who you are here to be, and that’s when life starts to open up  and fall into place! Susan assists clients to heal past traumas, challenge their limiting beliefs, tell a different story, commit to what is important to them and build confidence along the way. Utilising an array of techniques and teachings Susan creates a safe, supportive space for awareness and growth to organically and intuitively expand and evolve. Seeing clients move through this process is an honour Susan cherishes with every client.



Diploma in Professional Counselling majoring in Addictions and relationships

Cert IV in Life Coaching majoring in Career and Wellness

Modern Hypnosis certification

Reiki Master

Mediation Leader with Skillfull minds

Cert IV in Employment services

Facilitator for Mental Health First Aid

Cert IV in Small Business Management

Association Membership

Susan is a member of the Australian Counselling Association – ACA 

Susan is also an NDIS service provider

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