As one of Australia’s leading counsellors, Tanya M Wilson offers professional online counselling so that you can experience a range of benefits from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Using her distinctive client focussed approach, you can be assured that you are getting exceptional help during a time of need, relationship issues, coping techniques for mental illness and narcissistic and emotional abuse or just to encourage greater wellbeing.

Online counselling in your home

Simply book a counselling appointment as you would a face to face session and you will be sent a link with further instructions.

All of Tanya’s online counselling in Australia can be conducted via the inbult secure video call technology Telehealth.


Online counselling has all the advantages of in person appointments but also makes it easier to access for everyone— whether you are geographically isolated, live with mobility or accessibility issues or find it hard to arrange transport. The convenience and effectiveness of online counselling ensure you don’t miss out on that much needed support to help reduce emotional, physical or spiritual pain and enhance your life flow.

Within each online counselling session, Tanya uses an integrative and compassionate approach that really solidify the counselling process.

Online counselling sessions are useful for:

  • relationship trauma (breakups, narcissistic abuse, infidelity)
  • general relationship counselling
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • chronic health conditions
  • family and parenting issues
  • self esteem problems
  • physical, emotional, spiritual or financial pain
  • emotional resilience and wellness.

Tanya is a trusted professional when it comes to helping you recover your self esteem, work through any issues holding you back or exploring your potential.

Online counselling rates

Standard online counselling appointment and initial counselling appointment 

60 minutes   |   $132 – $165


Extended online counselling appointment

90 minutes   | $187 – $247.50


Couples online counselling appointment

60 minutes   |   $220


Extended online couples counselling appointment

90 minutes   |   $$275



Online and in person counselling services fees are the same price and all prices include GST. As Tanya is in high demand, it is recommended that you book your appointment well in advance. Cancellation policy still applies. Your privacy is ensured as Tanya conducts online counselling sessions from a private studio.

Please note: if you don’t feel comfortable/are unsafe at home to speak with me for any reason, then a counselling session via phone while sitting at your favourite park or whilst in your car, is totally acceptable/encouraged.

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