Narcissistic Abuse Support Group and Membership

Free yourself from the cycles of narcissistic abuse with Tanya in the narcissistic abuse support group, offering you hope and healing from unhealthy relationships.

If you have experienced or are currently in the middle of narcissistic abuse as a victim, then finally there is an accessible, very affordable weekly support group that is created with your very special set of circumstances and needs taken into account.

It will help you to unhook from the cycle of narcissistic abuse, aid you to go from chaos to peace and release the trauma held in your body and mind.

If you want to:

  • heal from a past relationship
  • safely escape a narcissist in your life
  • reclaim the parts of you that have been stripped away
  • learn how to co parent or coexist with a narcissist
  • rebuild your sense of self
  • get back on track with your potential financial, career or health goals (that have been limited due to this abuse)…

then it’s time to become a member of the narcissistic abuse support group.

Unlike Facebook groups for narcissistic abuse that can be helpful and informative at first but ultimately a place that reminds you of where you don’t want to be! The narcissistic abuse support group is a facilitated group meeting that is a safe, confidential weekly group call  with Tanya M Wilson Psychotherapist who specialises in narcissistic abuse recovery and invites you to ask questions and have them answered safely and professionally with a focus on growth, healing and peace.

Tanya’s 1:1 sessions are booked out months in advance, so joining the membership allows you access to speak with Tanya on a weekly basis, to answer your questions, offer advice and provide an educated listening ear.  This support group is invaluable to anyone experiencing or coming out of narcissistic abuse. You can join the group and be privy to the therapy within it while you are waiting to see Tanya for your individual appointment, OR in conjunction with your individual appointments with Tanya or any other therapy, OR this can be your stand alone support – you don’t need to be a client of Tanya’s to join the group.


What does the support group and membership include?

This is a weekly online meeting via zoom with Tanya M Wilson Psychotherapist. The group is a safe, private and confidential paid membership for those that have experienced, or are experiencing narcissistic abuse.

in the one hour weekly group call you can:

  • ask questions on the call and have them answered (Tanya encourages you to also submit questions via email each week)
  • get advice
  • get laser coaching
  • learn tools and techniques for dealing with the narcissist
  • get feedback on how to communicate with a narc for your specific queries/situations
  • feel resonance with others who are going through the same thing
  • be heard and understood and realise you aren’t crazy!
  • educate yourself
  • empower yourself
  • learn how to get out of fight, flight or flee
  • learn about CPTSD (Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and strategies for dealing with this
  • learn about love addiction and other addictions that can keep us bound in narcissistic abuse
  • learn about trauma bonding and how to deal with this
  • hear success stories
  • be inspired
  • grow and transform




How much is it and how do I join?

You can join by booking yourself into the next meeting here. After booking you will be sent membership sign up information and the link to the online weekly meeting. You will also be sent an invoice for your first month of membership.

Your membership to be part of this private online support group is $20 per week (paid monthly at $80 per month) – Once you have joined the membership group, you can email Tanya to submit questions or topics for discussion in each meeting. You also receive any links/educational material discussed within the group. This will be invaluable to anyone experiencing or coming out of narcissistic abuse.


Remember you can book yourself into the next meeting here

And after booking you will receive all you need to sign up for the membership automatically, no need to do anything else, we will be in touch from here.

If you have any questions or need assistance with making your booking or joining the narcissistic abuse support group and membership. Email Tanya direct at



What else do I need to know?

  • you get professional help and guidance weekly for approximately $20 per week. You could easily spend this on coffee or chocolate each week! This is such an affordable way to be supported as you learn and understand narcissism, empower yourself and transform your life through the weekly support calls.
  • This is a safe and private space for anyone who has experienced narcissistic abuse.
  • You can join or cancel at any time. Your payment covers one month of weekly calls (approx 4 calls over 4 weeks). So if you decide to finish your membership you will have access to the calls for the remainder of the month for which you have already paid, and future monthly payments will be cancelled.
  • There may be some rare weeks during the year that Tanya is unavailable to run the group. In this case Tanya will provide a video pre recorded session/seminar or other valuable resource for you. You will have advance notice if and when this happens. Subscriptions will be frozen over Christmas holidays where there are 3 weeks in a row where she won’t be available.
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